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Education and Engagement

“We have all to learn from each other, we have all to lean on each other,
We have all to learn each other’s language and hear and listen and really hear.
We have to pull together. We have to share our fear until it is gone.
We have to share our love until it is strong.”
– David J. Skorton, President Emeritus, Illuminate the Night vigil, October 2, 2012

Cornellians care deeply about one another and about the quality of life in our community. We believe, with Cornell’s president, David Skorton, that “violence and bias have no place on our campus.” Every day, students, faculty, staff, and administrators – as individuals and in groups – take compassionate and courageous steps to build a community of mutual respect and caring within which every individual can thrive. Every day, they stand on their own or come together to confront anything that would undermine this vision. We hope this information and these resources will advance our shared opportunity and responsibility to shape a community in which vision and reality are aligned.