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Council on Sexual Violence Prevention

Cornell University recognizes sexual violence as a serious campus and public health issue that affects every member of our community. Cornell has a long-standing history of leadership regarding sexual assault prevention and response. The Cornell University Council on Sexual Violence Prevention was established in response to the need for a campus and community-wide approach to preventing and effectively responding to sexual violence.

Through its meetings, committees, and workgroups, the Council studies and evaluates the campus environment, prevention strategies, policies, procedures, and services and explores opportunities for fostering cultural change, reducing risks, and increasing support for members of the community affected by sexual violence.

The Council advises the Executive Committee on Campus Climate, Health, and Safety and other campus leaders on opportunities for improving the campus environment, reducing risk, and increasing support for individuals and communities affected by sexual violence.

The Council is chaired by Vice Presidents Ryan Lombardi and Mary Opperman, and is comprised of staff and faculty members, students, as well as local service providers.

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For more information about the Council on Sexual Violence Prevention, please contact:
Nina Cummings, MS
Phone: 607 255-4782
Fax: 607 255-0269