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What You Can Do

Taking steps to end rape and sexual assault is everyone’s business. Learn more about the issues, take action, and work to prevent sexual violence.

  • Know the issues; check out these important books:
    • Coping with Date Rape and Acquaintance Rape, by Andrea Parrot
    • I Never Called It Rape, by Robin Warshaw
    • Macho Paradox, by Jackson Katz
    • Recovering From Rape, by Linda Ledray
  • Get involved in campus and community events that address rape myths, challenge forms of oppression and gender stereotypes; seek to change cultural norms that can be harmful.
  • Think about and learn to recognize the connections between sexual assault and other manifestations of inequality such as sexual harassment, racism, homophobia, and transphobia.
  • Work with others in the community who share concerns regarding sexual harassment and sexual and intimate partner violence, such as the Cornell Women’s Resource Center(607) 255-0015, and the Advocacy Center of Tompkins County(607) 277-3203.
  • Respect yourself and develop relationships based on mutual respect.
  • Share what you learn with friends and talk about how to take action when you recognize risk. Be an engaged, active community member, and start to identify behaviors that cause you concern. Be an active bystander: choose to take action against harmful behaviors, risky encounters, and social norms that promote potentially harmful attitudes and activities.